Category: solo work


HORSEY 9:00 | HD | 2018 Sound Mix by Alex Drosen “Horses are lucky, they’re stuck with the war same as us, but nobody expects them to be in favor of it, to pretend to believe in it.” An allegory recycling images from the past, still relevant to […]


FEVER FREAKS 8:18 | HD | 2017 With music composed by Ben Lamar Gay | Sound Mix by Lou Mallozzi A detective is hired to find the original copy of a lost ancient book. The book recounts the tale of a plague. A form of radiation, unknown at the […]


THE MAGIC HEDGE 9:00 | video | 2016 The Magic Hedge explores a bird sanctuary located on a former Cold War Nike missile site on the north side of Chicago. Left to wander and observe, the viewer becomes aware of the park’s open secret: men looking for fleeting […]


ADRESSE PERMANENTE 6:40 | video | 2014 A son discreetly records fleeting moments in his parents’ suburban home. An intimate portrait of a stable life lived according to the rules of society. Distributed by Video Data Bank and Videographe Screenings (so far): Roots and Culture in Chicago, Frontier […]


THE FAITHFUL  installation | 16 mm film transferred to HD | 2011 In a large room of a galley or public site, two walls facing each other are covered by video projections displaying a series of portraits originally shot on 16mm film. On one wall a succession of […]


POSTFACE  7:30 | HD | 2011 In a celebrity-obsessed culture, filmmakers often exploit the downfall of a star to amplify the emotional undertones of the fictional films in which they perform. POSTFACE takes a look back at the filmography of Montgomery Clift whose private life and career spiral […]


JEAN GENET IN CHICAGO  26:00 | experimental documentary | 2006 A queer rewriting of the events surrounding the 1968 National Democratic Convention from the point of view of the controversial French writer. This “thief-video” combines disparate textual sources, contemporary reenactments of historical events and archival footage in order […]


Hard Fat 22:00 | documentary | 2002 Hard Fat is a documentary based on an interview with “Rick”, the world wide web’s most celebrated gainer. A gainer is a man who purposefully gains weight because he enjoys inhabiting a fatter body. The video explores the gainer’s bodily transformation […]