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HORSEY 9:00 | HD | 2018

Sound Mix by Alex Drosen

“Horses are lucky, they’re stuck with the war same as us, but nobody expects them to be in favor of it, to pretend to believe in it.” An allegory recycling images from the past, still relevant to the present moment.

Horsey premiered as an installation at the Sullivan Gallery in September 2018. It started its festival run at the Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival where it won one of the Best of Fest Award. It also played at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Athens International Film and Video Festival, Union Cinema in Milwaukee, Artist Run Chicago 2.0 at Hyde Park Art Center and Reeling Film Festival in Chicago, Antimatter Media Art Festival in Victoria, Other Cinema in San Francisco, Traverse Vidéo in Toulouse, Videoformes in Clermont-Ferrand and CROSSROADS at San Francisco Cinematheque.

In their statement about the award, the jury members of the Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival wrote:

“A seemingly straightforward exploration of the representation of masculine desire and its displacement, Horsey seamlessly weaves together footage from maligned Hollywood productions that banked on the star appeal of their male leads. Moffet constructs a narrative riddled with longing gazes and repressed desires, and the horse, come Horsey, connects these desires–the repressed, caged man and the symbol of virility, the stallion, who has been broken and tamed by society. Masterfully edited, select images weave a new narrative, but the complex sound score (also a patchwork of appropriated sources from Reflections in a Golden Eye and other material) reveals the underlying turmoil, distress, and loss that the images allude to.”

Horsey is distributed by Vidéographe and Video Data Bank


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