solo work


FFtitleFEVER FREAKS 8:18 | HD | 2017

With music composed by Ben Lamar Gay | Sound Mix by Lou Mallozzi

A detective is hired to find the original copy of a lost ancient book. The book recounts the tale of a plague. A form of radiation, unknown at the present time, activates a virus. The virus affects the sexual and fears centers in the brain and nervous system, fear is converted into sexual frenzies which are reconverted back into fear, the feedback leading in many cases to a fatal conclusion.

Fever Freaks manipulates and re-edits individual frames from Pier Paolo Pasolini’s 1974 film Arabian Nights to illustrate a passage of William S. Burroughs’ 1981 book Cities of the Red Night.

Fever Freaks premiered at Festival du Nouveau Cinema in October 2017. It also screened at  Kassel Dokfest in Germany, Videoformes in Clermont-Ferrand, Traverse Video in Lyon, Onion City Film Festival in Chicago,  Antimatter Film Festival in Victoria, Dazibao in Montreal, Rendez-vous du Cinema Quebecois in Montreal, Festival Regard in Saguenay and Other Cinema in San Francisco.

This video is distributed by Vidéographe and Video Data Bank





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