Tag: solo work


THE FAITHFUL  installation | 16 mm film transferred to HD | 2011 In a large room of a galley or public site, two walls facing each other are covered by video projections displaying a series of portraits originally shot on 16mm film. On one wall a succession of […]


POSTFACE  7:30 | HD | 2011 In a celebrity-obsessed culture, filmmakers often exploit the downfall of a star to amplify the emotional undertones of the fictional films in which they perform. POSTFACE takes a look back at the filmography of Montgomery Clift whose private life and career spiral […]


JEAN GENET IN CHICAGO  26:00 | experimental documentary | 2006 A queer rewriting of the events surrounding the 1968 National Democratic Convention from the point of view of the controversial French writer. This “thief-video” combines disparate textual sources, contemporary reenactments of historical events and archival footage in order […]