solo work


Hard Fat 22:00 | documentary | 2002

Hard Fat is a documentary based on an interview with “Rick”, the world wide web’s most celebrated gainer. A gainer is a man who purposefully gains weight because he enjoys inhabiting a fatter body. The video explores the gainer’s bodily transformation in order to challenge our preconceived notion of desire, beauty and masculinity.

  • HBO Juried Award for Best Short for Hard Fat, Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 2003
  • Audience Choice Award for Hard Fat, SinCiné: NYC Erotic Film Festival, New York, 2002
  • Honorable Mention for Hard Fat, Documentary Short Section, Reeling, Chicago, 2002

Distributed by Vidéographe

Produced with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts

Screenings: Hot Docs (Toronto), SelfWare, (Graz), Conversation at the Edge (Chicago), Art in General’s Video Marathon (New York), Vision du Réel: Doc Outlook (Nyon), Norrköping Film Festival Flimmer, Rendez-vous du Cinema Québécois (Montreal), Balagan Experimental Film & Video Series (Boston), Provincetown International Film Festival, London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, PrideVision TV, Milan Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, MIX:Mexico, Best of SinCine, (Rio), Sensory Perceptions (Portland), InsideOut (Toronto), Image du Nouveau Monde (Québec), Czech Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Brno & Prague), Brisk Collage & Bricolages (Halifax), Art and Politic of Netporn (Amsterdam), Video Pool (Winnipeg), Syracuse Queer Film Festival, 2003, Syracuse, Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Hotel Movie Show (Regina), Out on Screen (Vancouver), Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival,University of Oregon Queer Symposium, Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Dublin Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Microwave (Hong Kong), The New Festival (New York), FrameLine (San Francisco), Outfest (Los Angeles), MIX:Brasil (São Paulo), MIX: NYC, Reeling (Chicago), Pink Film Days (Amsterdam), SinCiné: NYC Erotic Film Festival (New York), QueerDoc (Sydney), Image+Nation (Montreal), Discount Cinema: The Fat Show (Chicago), Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival, ImageOut (Rochester)…