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FIVE O’CLOCK SHADOW  15:00 | video | 1998

A man booked a room in a downtown hotel room. A secret journey comes to an end. Out of respect for his family, authorities are withholding the true identity of the deceased.

MFA thesis at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

3:00 excerpt of 15:00 | video | 1998

Distributed by Videographe

Screenings: Festival du Nouveau Cinema (Montreal), BBC British Short Film Festival (London), Terra Museum: New Artist in Chicago, Video Pool (Winnipeg), Conversation at the Edge (Chicago), Betty Rymer gallery (Chicago), Para/site gallery (Hong Kong), NextFest (Regina), The Substation (Singapore), L’Alliance Française (Bangkok), Kelab Seri Film Club (Lumpur), Image et Nation (Montreal), In phase (Lyon), Queer City (Regina and Winnipeg), Les Figures de l’intime, 2000, Quebec, Smart project Space (Amsterdam), Festival du 7e Art (Beauport)…

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